Philosophy & Core Beliefs

our philosophy

Esposito Communications is a boutique training firm. We partner with people-centric organizations to develop exceptional communication skills in high-potential individuals. Through our individual and organizational programs, your rising stars are able to increase their impact and influence in your organization. An engagement with Esposito Communications is not a presentation skills class!

Our approach to development is based up on leveraging an individual's personal strengths and helping them find their authentic voice. This, in turn, improves their communication and maximiz e s their effectiveness with in the organization. Individual development is our top priority.

our approach

Identify the individual's personal communication style, quickly assess their strengths and weaknesses, and customize the experience for the unique individual in a group setting.

Focus on inspiring the individual to push their skills beyond what is easy and comfortable. There are no magic bullets, only dedicated, intentional work.

Develop the individual’s ability to curate content and distill it down to its essence then deliver the content in a clear/concise and engaging manner.

core beliefs

  • People are an organization’s greatest resource
  • Individual development resembles a marathon, not a sprint
  • Purposeful and thoughtful development ensures powerful leadership tomorrow
  • 90% of development occurs on the job with training and coaching – classroom learning accounts for only 10% of growth
  • Individuals must own their development and be committed to their areas of growth

These beliefs are fundamental to our approach – if they do not resonate and align with your organization’s cultural DNA, Esposito Communications may not be the best solution. However, if these core values speak to you, we invite you to learn more about our Individual and Organizational programs.