Mentors & Inspiration

  • Margaret Keys

    Known as a creative force and innovator, Rebecca’s mentor, Margaret Keys, has worked with clients across the globe for more than 34 years. Her corporate clients are primarily high tech. In addition, she has worked in the arenas of law and politics. She has coached and consulted with executives in a number of disciplines.

  • Jonathan Yeo

    Jonathan Yeo, formerly of Apple helps smaller organizations and individuals discover and unleash their potentials. Jonathan brings deep experience in the field, a constant sense of curiosity, and a determination to create real change and real growth – in both individuals and organizations.

  • Dr. Glenn Pfau

    The “Evil” Dr. Pfau is a legend in Presentation Skills training. He trained thousands of people around the world in how to deliver effective, impactful and heartfelt messages to any audience. Most well known for his work with the Seal Teams he also worked with Fortune 500 companies, various government agencies and countless individual. Considered the “Evil” Doctor by those who knew him best. His “tell it like it is” approach left many speechless in the beginning of his programs, but created life-long advocates by the end of the session. I learned from him how to connect deeply with participants, speak truth, throw things and book a full year in advance.