Masters Program

This program is designed for clients who have completed one or more foundational programs and are ready to push their baseline accomplishments to the next level. The program involves personal discovery, group enhancements, and accountability partners.

Coursework is offered in a 2.5 day group session in Austin, Texas, or in a one-on-one customized engagement at your work location.


"It was great to hear you point out our strengths in addition to the things we need to work on. Knowing I already had certain skills that I could build on to become a better speaker made it a more positive experience."
—Jill, Communications Industry

Program Features

Build on previous accomplishments.

With a firm understanding of you, your role, and your business, we will ID new objectives with stretch goals from prior work. We may also delve into new areas of development.

Work will focus on a specific assignment that is finite in scope.

Understand and interpret feedback.

Learn how to handle subjective feedback and how to best respond.

Analyze challenges encountered and ID appropriate actions.

ID breaks or needs in your infrastructure or support staff that have arisen with your increased responsibilities.

ID key relationships for development.

Build customized plans for developing long term relationships with high influence individuals.

Increase your level of input in the organization.

Learn how to utilize administrative support & other resources.