Executive Command

Learn to communicate from a place of strength in any situation.

This two day program is good for high-potentials and key talent who have mastered the basics of their work and are ready to grow to the next level. Practice and individual reflection is a key component of the Executive Command program.


"I've been through countless presentation classes, and although I've heard these two tips more than once - this time they really hit home. I could see the others in the group improving as they involved these two items—and also in myself when I watched my video."
—Kristen, Communications Industry

Program Features

Personalized assessment.

Uncover your personal style and learn how to speak with your true voice.

Leverage your inherent communication strengths.

Understand how you interact with the content you are presenting.

Broaden your range.

Appeal to a wide array of audiences by recognizing how they receive information & by choosing the right approach from your communication toolbox.

Write compelling emails that build on a connection with higher-level employees.


Master verbal communication in presentations, across the table, one-on-one, impromptu, hallway conversations, dinners, etc.

Focus on improving “close communication” as opposed to formal Keynote/Power Point presentations.