Creating a Development-Centric Organization

Learn how to identify key talent in your organization and how to develop that talent into tomorrow’s leadership through individualized coaching and purposeful assignments.

Good for leaders with a well defined sphere of influence who are committed to an internally led succession plan and growing leaders from within their own team.


"Your energy and proactive coaching and ability to focus on individuals throughout the training is great and have a positive impact to the individuals, making us feeling we will reach our goals eventually if we keep trying and working hard."
—Megan, Technology Industry

Program Features

Customized program for your team.

We gain an intimate understanding of how your organization works to effectively facilitate the program.

Together we will develop concrete plans that work for your organization. We don't get lost in theory and abstract concepts.

We hold you accountable for achieving the goals and high expectations set during the sessions.

Define true development.

We provide the tools & framework and serve as a sounding board as you define true development in your organization.

Your team is empowered to run this program and to develop a concrete plan that will move you towards a development-centric organization.

Better understand how to nurture a culture that encourages & tolerates risk.


Gain specific tools and techniques.

How to set up observations, shadowing, offer exposure and perspective about how an individual fits in the bigger picture.

How to coach instead of giving feedback (skill development vs. behavioral focused).

How to give assignments that stretch employees, but with support so they know what success looks & feels like.