Coaching Seminar

This program helps individuals and leaders learn the foundations of effective coaching.

Good for individuals moving into leadership roles where developing talent is a key responsibility, this course is Instructor led with partner exercises, small group activities, and role playing.


"The training was fantastic! So many on my team were very nervous about taking the class and so far I've heard nothing but rave reviews! The team really likes your approach. I knew the team would love it, which is why I worked so hard to get you here!"
—Sally, Communications Industry

Program Features

Be grounded in coaching foundations.

Practice providing real-time, continuous coaching that will unite your employees around achieving the desired end result.

Develop and grow skill sets through effective coaching instead of deflating your team by piling on negative feedback.

Distinguish coaching from feedback.

Understand how good coaching values employees and respects their individual development.

Realize the efficencies of good coaching.  You can catapult key talent instantly and long, sit down sessions won’t be needed.

Eliminate common phrases that say nothing and instead provide purposeful, thoughtful & aspirational coaching.

Shift focus to long-term development.

Stop knee jerk reactions that demoralize and don’t result in skill development.

Learn how to ID skill needs and then move employees along the path to mastery in a purposeful sequence.

Help your people build a long-term development plan with a focus on individual skill needs.