Executive Coaching

Through individual coaching, rising stars gain an understanding of what the next level in their career looks like and gives them an opportunity & place to practice operating in that space.

Good for wickedly smart & creative individuals who need to become more confident in their ability to think on their feet.  Also helps individuals move from being “doers” to being leaders.


"It was great to hear you point out our strengths in addition to the things we need to work on.  Knowing I already had certain skills that I could build on to become a better speaker made it a more positive experience."
—Jill, Communications Industry

Program Features

Individually tailored program.

There is no set curriculum - everything is designed to target the individual’s needs.  

If the individual is making rapid progress, we will quickly make course corrections and move to another area of development or push beyond the original objectives.

Set the stage for on-going development.

Both the individual and their manager are involved in the entire coaching process from defining success to creating opportunities to practice new skills.

Dual involvement ensures that everyone is speaking the same language and moving in the same direction. Development must continue after the coaching engagement is complete!

Polish your presentation.

Practice interacting with board members and executives to understand nuances and how to avoid missteps.

Review the importance of appearance, proper meal etiquette, thank you notes, and how to present yourself so that your work and brilliance are the focal points.