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Who works with your rising stars?

Rebecca Esposito

Rebecca Esposito, Development Coach

Rebecca has an innate ability to quickly assess an individual's communication strengths and weaknesses and set out a clear path to improvement. She has over 13 years of experience helping rising stars across a wide spectrum of industries find their unique voice and do the hard work of improving their communication and influence skills. Utilizing an honest approach, Rebecca encourages and motivates her clients to achieve their potential.

With a graduate degree from The University of Texas at Austin, Rebecca came up through the ranks of Procter & Gamble and MillerCoors where she developed an impressive pedigree in corporate culture, branding, and communications. Frustrated by the lack of true leadership development taking place in today's Corporate America, Rebecca founded Esposito Communications with the goal of helping high-potential individuals grow into visionary leaders. Since 2008, Rebecca has inspired rising stars to identify the weaknesses in their communication and influence skills and then start down the path of continuous improvement and growth.

Rebecca is passionate about seeking balance in an increasingly busy world. Outside of business hours you can find Rebecca having fun with her husband, sons, and their Boykin Spaniels or cheering on the Texas Longhorn football team. Rebecca lives life to the fullest and aims to bring out the best in those around her.

Danny Esposito

Danny Esposito, Founder

Danny brings an intense passion for building strong, mutually-valuable relationships to Esposito Communication’s team. He believes that people choose to do business with other people, not with organizations, thus personal relationships are the key to success.

Danny spent years as a successful Sales and Marketing executive with companies such as Baxter, Fox Sports, and Cox Communications. During that time Danny built relationships with clients that turned into true friendships. Those relationships were great for business and personally enriching. They also allowed Danny to integrate his expertise and experience into his clients’ teams, providing them with valuable consulting knowledge and helping them exceed their marketing goals.

Danny’s most important relationships are with his wife and two boys. He relishes any activity that involves spending time with them. He also loves golfing, muscle cars, watching and playing baseball, and travel.

Ashley Boucher

Ashley Boucher, Affiliate

For many people home is where the heart is; for Ashley her heart is color coordinated and neatly placed in her closet. From an early age, Ashley has been able to express her identity through her wardrobe. With experience and natural habit, Ashley has developed an innate ability to guide others on their personal wardrobe journeys. After studying Fashion Merchandising and International Business at the University of North Texas, Ashley took the opportunity to expand her knowledge of the industry through hands-on experience with various companies in Asia and Europe.

Upon moving to Dallas, Ashley trained alongside a Wardrobe Stylist, and learned to channel her passion for guiding others on their wardrobe journey into her dream career Launching Art of Style in September of 2014. Ashley specializes with business professionals who are looking to develop their work force wardrobe, as well as take their personal attire to the next level. Encouraging her clients to stay true to themselves when defining personal style, Ashley provides empowering guidance throughout their wardrobe journey that allows the client’s confidence to shine through.