"Thanks for everything over the two day session, it was honestly a great experience. As I think back on what worked for me... the two things I'll hope to involve in every presentation from here on out are to involve the audience to make myself more comfortable as a presenter - and to ensure structure to keep me on track. I've been through countless presentation classes, and although I've heard these two tips more than once - this time they really hit home. I could see the others in the group improving as they involved these two items- and also in myself when I watched my video.

Lastly, it was interesting to learn that (as presenters, and in day-to-day life), we all tend to judge others on what we want them to be instead of what they really are. That was a huge eye opener - I'm going to try to remember this in meetings and presentations I do in the future.

Again, thanks for everything - it was a great experience!"

- Kristin, Communications Industry


"Thanks for a great two days last week! I'm a work in progress, but I really think my presentation skills will improve based on what I learned in this class. Below are some of my thoughts on our training:

Although I dreaded being on camera, watching myself give a presentation really helped me to see what my audience is seeing, thus helping me learn what I need to improve on.

The image consulting was great - having it on the first day was especially helpful so we could use the advice on Day 2.

It was great to hear you point out our strengths in addition to the things we need to work on. Knowing I already had certain skills that I could build on to become a better speaker made it a more positive experience."

- Jill, Communications Industry


"What an impact you made on me! I thoroughly enjoyed the course in Des Moines and as I shared with both Luke Vandermillen & Judy Coughlon the investment Principal has made in you is a great one! I consider myself a constant learner and attend various internal & external development courses throughout the year and found your approach, style and the overall message to be the most refreshing & re-energizing course since joining the Principal. A favorite quote of mine is "Own your career, or your career with own you' from Sally Hogshead's Radical Careering. I have let my career own me in the last 24 months and many things you said resonated with me... while I may be doing 'great work' and labeled as a high performer I have more to contribute not only to my employer but more importantly myself. One statement you made that has really stuck with me, is don't settle with 'EVENTUALLY' and as Jim Collins states don't let good get in the way of being great! I am just getting started in my career but I have to remember that I can't let my age and experience hold me back from achieving greatness as its in me and I need to communicate that more effectively and align myself with people who will support my career growth."

- Julie, Financial Industry


"My sincere input below.

- Going through the training gives the reassurance of oneself that he/she is ready for the big jump to the next level of career in Apple, into the strategic role, working with the executive teams.

- Confidence level builds up, thus making oneself feeling positive to move forward.

- Frank and open input from you to the individual.

- Understand and hear from you and the team directly about the characters and behaviors of various Key Executive Team Members. This is important to how the key talents should be watching out in the presence of them.

- Direct input from you (being a neutral party) on the individual to the Executive Team plays an important part.

- Your energy and proactive coaching and ability to focus on individuals throughout the training is great and have a positive impact to the individuals, making us feeling we will reach our goals eventually if we keep trying and working hard."

- Megan, Technology Industry